Privacy Policy

The Gem Capital, appointed by the Singapore Tourism Board, is responsible for developing and executing the Gem Rendezvous website for the Wellness Festival Singapore, taking place from 17 June – 9 July 2023.

To fulfill our obligations, we collect, use, and disseminate personal information.

What types of Personal Data do we collect?
Personal data refers to any information that can identify an individual. We collect this information when you use our website or contact us. It includes:

Personal particulars, such as name and address.
Contact information such as email address, contact phone number.
Details of interactions with us such as website usage.
Information obtained from mobile devices with your consent (e.g., location information).

How do we use your Personal Data?
We use your Personal Data for the following purposes:

• To develop and execute our requirements as the event organizer of Wellness Festival Singapore 2023, in compliance with the Singapore Tourism Board.
• For operational purposes and to improve our products, services, and advertising strategies.
• To ensure that your data is up-to-date.
• To comply with all laws and obligations from legal authorities.
• To seek professional advice, including legal counsel.
• To provide updates on changes to our products or services.
• To contact you and offer products or services that may interest you.

Who do we share your Personal Data with?

We may share your personal data with the third parties such as collaborators and vendors who collaborate with us, and/or relevant authorities, such as government or law enforcement agencies.

How do we share your Personal Data?
We require all staff and third parties to ensure that any disclosed data is kept confidential and secure. Your data may be processed outside of Singapore, but we will comply with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) and other applicable laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We do not sell your Personal Data to any third party, and we fully comply with any duty or obligation of confidentiality that governs our relationship with you.