Gem Rendezvous Event

 Gem Rendezvous event is proudly supported by the Singapore Tourism Board. The event is set to spark the senses with a captivating blend of gem and wellness experiences taking place in Little India. Gem Rendezvous event is set to deliver a celebration of gems and wellness, inviting visitors to embark on a transformative journey of exploration, engagement, and holistic well-being,

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Organised by The Gem Capital and a part of Wellness Festival Singapore 2023, the Gem Rendezvous event is proudly supported by the Singapore Tourism Board. Gem Rendezvous unveils a vibrant tapestry of over 15 gem-inspired experiences, weaving together three distinct pillars: Emotional and Mental, Lifestyle, and Fitness.

Gem Mining

An activity that is great for kids that stimulate the senses. Find some gems in the “mine” and get to keep their treasured finds as souvenirs.

Gem Reading

During Gem Reading, you will select gemstones of your choice that resonate with your energy and intentions. Our skilled practitioner will use this exquisite gem act as conduits, channeling insights and guidance from within. As you hold these gems, you'll embark on a transformative exploration of your emotions and hidden potentials. Whether you're in search of answers, seeking guidance, or simply yearning to forge a deeper connection with both yourself and the universe, Gem Reading presents a profound and exquisite pathway to unveil your inner mysteries and delve deeper into your own being.

Geode Breaking

Break the geode and find treasures in a rock! Just like a Kinder Surprise, you will never know what you might find inside of a geode and that is one of the reasons why geodes are popular. The suspense, eagerness, and expectation during and after breaking process are all part of the geode-breaking enjoyment.

Crystal Appreciation Workshop

The best way to know gems is to handle them personally and learn from the gem experts. You will get to see and touch many beautiful pieces of precious crystal gemstones. Our gem experts are gemmologists with technical knowledge and over 10 years of practical trade experiences. They will conduct the workshop in a fun and relevant way to help you better appreciate crystals. 

"Behind the scenes" Gem Guided Tour

Art Gemming Workshop

Explore the connection between art and gemstones as you select colorful gems to create your very own personalised masterpiece.

Handmade Jewellery Workshop

Make a handmade personalised jewellery that reflects your creativity and design jewelry pieces that are a true reflection of your individual style and personality. Our workshop is a haven for jewelry enthusiasts and novices alike, where you'll be guided by skilled artisans and designers at every step of the creative process. Choose from a stunning array of high-quality gemstones, metals, and other materials to craft your jewellery masterpiece. We source our materials from trusted suppliers to ensure your creations are not only beautiful but also durable.

Escape Room @ The Gem Museum

You are a dedicated police officer who just received a distress call from The Gem Museum’s security guard. A break-in has occurred, and the guard plans to activate the security mechanism to trap the thief inside. Rushing to the scene, you and your team enter the museum, only to find yourselves locked in. An ominous announcement warns of a lethal radiation system that will activate in 45 minutes. Trapped, you must now race against time to escape. As you explore The Gem Museum’s captivating exhibits, from the formation of gemstones to the trade and industry, you unravel the mysteries and secrets hidden within, all while fighting for survival.