For Funk Blog: Gem Rendezvous – Spark your Wellness

I am so sorry I am sharing the experience only so late. But there is always next year so keep a lookout for it. Personally, I was very interested in the Gem Rendezvous Festival because it was right smack in Little India (which I found intriguing already) and the workshops were pretty unique (mostly related to Gems).

The event runs from 17th June to 9 July. It would have been perfect to entertain the kids during their school holiday. There was a lot of Indian Cultural Elements and family-friendly workshop to entertain/ educate them.

As time was running short for me, I attempted to squeeze as much events I can in a day. Fellow parents, don’t learn that from me because this defeats the purpose of having an enriching day. My toddler, like most, don’t have that long attention span and it can be quite warm throughout the day. And also, sometimes it was just more fun to just explore the area

His day was spent enjoying some Chappati from the Five Stones Set Menu. The Butter Chicken was hell spicy. Haha! Love the vibes of the old building by the way. And he had lots of fun rock painting at the Gem Museum. He was also very impressed with the cows structures along the road, hence the many photos.

I guess our kid got our “artistic talent” because the husband and I also went for a 2-hours guided art session with Paint Blush. Oddly, when we were there, we decided we wanted to go free-style LOL! We were so inspired by Van Gogh (read our review here on their exhibition), we or maybe me wanted to replicate his more popular and famous pieces (rather unsuccessfully). Things only got fun when we realise we are no artists and no longer give any pucks.

I ended up using impressionism techniques while the husband actually mastered van gogh painting style. The artworks were horrendous but the session was strangely therapeutic. If you are into art jamming, Paint Blush is well furnished for your art endeavours and is the cheapest in town. Definitely a fun festival, I just wished I could tell you all about it earlier.

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