Rangoli Showcase

Rangoli Showcase @ Closing Ceremony

Experience the enchanting art form of Rangoli Art, where colorful patterns are intricately crafted on the floor using a delightful mix of materials like sand, flower petals, rice flour, lentils, and beans. Rangoli Art stands as one of the most captivating Indian folk arts, cherished for its beauty and symbolism.

Traditionally, Rangoli is a decorative art drawn on the floors or entrances of homes, believed to bestow good luck, and prosperity upon the household and its inhabitants, and extend a warm welcome to guests.

Leading this outdoor event is Vijaya Lakshimi Mohan, a highly accomplished artist and art therapist. Vijaya holds the prestigious Guinness World Record for creating the largest Rangoli in the world, along with 44 Singapore Book of Records for community rangoli creation. With her immense expertise, she has curated mesmerizing Rangoli art events both locally and internationally.

Additionally, as an art therapist, Vijaya is dedicated to promoting self-healing and emotional well-being through art creation and counseling. She has witnessed the transformative power of art therapy in fostering personal growth and healing.

We cordially invite you to join us in this immersive experience, where you can unleash your creativity and immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Rangoli Art. Let your imagination flourish as you participate in this folk art form.