Asia 361: Gem Rendezvous with a Healthy Body and Mind via Ignited Wellness

The Gem Rendezvous event, presented by the Gem Capital as part of the Wellness Festival Singapore, is expected to captivate the senses with a compelling blend of gem and wellness experiences from 17 June to 9 July 2023, in Little India.

Supported by the Singapore Tourism Board, the event aims to introduce both Singaporeans and tourists to the wonders of attaining a sound body and mind through 15 gem-inspired programs. Weaving together the three main pillars of personal wellness: Fitness, Lifestyle and Emotional and Mental, it encourages participants to go on an introspective journey.

The bustling Little India Precinct serves as the backdrop for Gem Rendezvous, a sensory-rich event offering a wide range of gem-inspired connections from workshops, excursions, and activities. Take part in captivating activities that will excite your senses and pique your interest.

Sparking your Wellness

The “Emotional and Mental” pillar features activities like Gem Reading, which invites participants on a self-aware journey. There is also the “Crystal Appreciation” workshop, which engages participants in the fascinating world of gemstones. The “Art GEMMING” experience meanwhile, encourages participants to express their creativity through the use of gemstones. The “Escape Room” adventures, are both thrilling pursuits for an individual or a group of friends.

Artistic gemming courses offered by Heart Matters and hot wax batik creating workshops presented by aNERDgallery are just two examples of the many other fascinating activities that await guests at Gem Rendezvous.

Wellness activities, carefully selected by organizers in conjunction with businesses in the Little India neighborhood, are made available to participants as part of the “Lifestyle” track. At POLI@Clive Street by The Gem Museum, visitors will be able to go on an enthralling exploratory adventure through a glow-in-the-dark gem-filled space, complete with a thrilling wind-gem tunnel—one of the event’s highlights.

The “Fitness” offerings of Gem Rendezvous will include invigorating Muay Thai sessions with Kai Muay Thai for stimulating the body. Asana yoga classes led by a highly regarded Jeevan Yoga Master, aims for a Zen state of existence. To calm the mind, body and to promote holistic fulfillment, this pillar of wellness is perfect for a stimulating and reviving experience.

Art Gemming Workshop

This gemstone art workshop will be held at Takka Place Dragon Space from 1-3pm on July 1, 2, and 6-9. Participants in this art workshop will be led by expert facilitators on a journey of love represented in gemstones. Find all about gems and pick the perfect one for your artwork.

Crystal Appreciation Talk

Happening at the Gem Museum on 8 July from 10am to 11.30 am, this talk will examine the 7 crystal systems and their optical features. Expert gemologists who have been in the business for over a decade will offer a lively and educational workshop. Experience the beauty of precious stones up close and personal while learning expert tips from gemologists. Experience the magic of crystals in an interactive program designed to broaden your admiration for these natural treasures.

Gem Reading and Gem Cave Experience

Your past, present, and future as a spiritual being with a physical body are all up for a big reveal during the Gem Reading sessions. Reading specialists will use gems and crystals as a conduit to impart wisdom that will set you on the path to inner calm.

From July 1st through the 9th, visitors can take advantage of the Gem Museum’s carefully curated gemstone grotto at Poli @ Clive Street between the hours of 12 pm and 7 pm. Explore the mysterious origins of precious gemstones and learn about their entrancing charm. Feel the rush of creativity in the gemstone wind tunnel as you explore the distinctive glow-in-the-dark gemstones.

Nourishing Body and Soul to the Full

Numerous Little India Precinct businesses have come together to promote Gem Rendezvous by providing unique, interactive activities for attendees. For example, the Gem Special Set at Club di Lusso comprise of a delectable combination of a salted egg crab meal and a refreshing cocktail. While Wanderlust and Citadines Rochor Singapore provide stunning jewel installations. The Catopia Café wouldn’t be left behind as it offers a catlike-themed oasis for leisure.

Guests can enjoy a tour of Baroque House’s wonderful secret garden while sipping on a cool SaltCola beverage, courtesy of Fast Track Distributors. The Upper Weld Road location of the fusion eatery Five Stones will feature henna art experiences and wellness menu items. Gem-themed outdoor picture cutouts will also be available at POLI@Hindoo Street.

Gem Rendezvous Project Director Loke Hui Ying said the event will be a “celebration of gems and wellness” that will lead attendees on a “transformative journey of exploration, engagement, and holistic well-being.”

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